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What People Are Saying

Shannon is a shining beacon of healing light. She, as a person, has a heart of gold and brings that warmth on to the Nia floor and out in the Nia community. As a an instructor, Shannon exudes confidence and leadership and maintains a safe container in the dance while also keeping the class focus, where it may be fun or a more meditative mood. I remember Shannon’s very first Nia class as a student!!! I knew then, she was going to shine!!!

~ Lisa R.

To know Shannon is to love and appreciate her. As a person and as a Nia instructor, her loving personality shines in everything she does. I have been doing Nia for more than 8 years, and I feel privileged to participate in her classes. Shannon’s love for what she does is infectious, and stepping into her classes gives you, every single time, a strong sense of self-appreciation, community and fun!!!!

~ Constanza W.

Shannon has been sharing her Nia practice with me since 2007. At the end of my very first class, I was completely surprised by my rush of emotions that expressed as tears…of joy, of loving my body for all that it does for me, of self-acceptance. Shannon’s beautiful thoughts, words, expressions still choke me up on occasion. Her love for Nia is infectious and joyous!

~ Carol W.

What an awesome teacher and mentor. I firmly believe without your Friday Night class to encourage and allow new teachers to teach, I would not be teaching today! I appreciate your teaching, encouragement, and love. You are a gift and a powerful, loving Nia teacher.

~ Kathy M.

I remember my first Nia class over ten years ago. Shannon was there as a student, and I remember thinking that I wanted to be her! She embodied the spirit of the class with her whole being. Since taking classes with her as MY instructor, really my guide, she has helped me learn how to step in and really experience the true nature of Nia. Her warmth, sincerity and dedication inspire me in and out of class. She is a treasure in my like and a treasure to Nia. Now I stand in her old spot on the floor!!

~Anjanette S.

It is so hard to articulate what Shannon and Nia did for my heart and soul. My first Nia class was with Shannon on a Sunday not long after my Mom passed away almost eight years ago. What no one and nothing could do to help me heal after this loss, Shannon and Nia did. Shannon’s love, friendship and beautiful interpretation of music and dance helped me to put aside the deep grief I couldn’t shake and helped me to feel whole again. In addition, I have formed a lasting friendship within this wonderful Nia community that I will treasure for a lifetime. It’s not just a class for Shannon, but a deep commitment of fun, friendship and love. We are lucky to have her, Nia is incredibly fortunate to have her share their journey.

~Arlene G.

Shannon exudes warmth and a welcoming heart. She embodies her practice wholeheartedly and with PASSION, whether (she is teaching) Nia or Journey Dance.

~Christine D.

Shannon’s Nia classes and Journey Dances truly bring me so much joy! At the beginning of each Nia class, Shannon shares the intention, theme or lesson of the class. What she teaches is always fascinating. She explains clearly what students can think about and practice while dancing. Shannon’s playlist selection and choreography are amazing! Combined, they take me to a heightened, blissful state. Shannon’s classes are artistic, spiritual, and powerful and truly move me. Shannon’s Journey dances that I have attended have literally been AMAZING journeys. Participants tap into many emotions and express themselves through many styles of music. When class is over you truly feel as if you have been transported on a long journey. It is a wonderful catharsis. I am so grateful to have Shannon and her Nia and JourneyDance instruction in my life!

~ Lara L.

Thank you, Shannon, for your empathy, warm heart, amazing gift of Nia. I am WHOLE and I celebrate life with joy and gratefulness!

~ Patti S.